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Inspiration pinboard for my stories/drawings. None of the images, costume designs, fashion, artwork, character designs, etc. on this blog represent my story or characters, and were not created by me for that purpose unless they are tagged 'my art'. They are tagged with the names of my stories and characters solely for organizational purposes. I do not plan to appropriate any of these materials for my own stories; this blog serves only to be a visual inspiration inspiration pinboard, not an intellectual-property-theft pinboard.

Anonymous asked: Heya there! I love your art, its really cool. I wanted to know, how do you sometimes get that whiteish outline over your sketches which seperates them from the background that you put? Like in your Harley Quinn drawing and in the maybirds comission one, you put this small coloured circle for the background but it is seperated from the main drawing because of this white boundary sort of thing. How do you make that?



Thank you so much!

Okay so this is a Photoshop trick! It’s basically an outlining effect. So you select the layer that you want to do it on, go to Edit, click Stroke, and from there you can choose what color and the sizing of your outline! Pretty easy!

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*fans self*

he’s like some sort of greek god

He’s the greek god of lumberjacks

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Reindeer/caribou with severely deformed antlers (X)


Reindeer/caribou with severely deformed antlers (X)

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Always reblog eagle hunters

SPEAKING of great clothes

Be sure to hit that “Kazakh" link for the original site!

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I sort of taught myself how to do this by trial and error when I was making the latest page of my webcomic. I felt it might be useful to share. Thanks for looking!

More Tutorials Here

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All right, here’s my contribution to the art tutorial infographic world, part 1 of 2.  I’ve noticed that even in professional illustration, so often the humans and environments and armor and whatnot is really, really great— correct anatomy, lighting, proportions, like ‘wow this is fantastic WAIT what is up with that HORSE?’

I suspect two things;

First is that I spend 15 hours a day, 365 days a year looking, touching, handling, and just generally being around horses.  

Second is that most people do not.  

Artists have lost touch with their connection to horses as contemporary society has lost touch with them.  Generally, we don’t have that constant presence of horses in our lives that previous generations did, as horses aren’t part of the everyday landscape any more.  They don’t work the fields, they don’t cart the goods, they don’t deliver the mail or transport you to the next town down the road.

However, we still see horses all the time— in movies, books, illustration, ads and logos, we are presented with the image of horses all the time.  So we assume ‘yes, I have seen horses often and I know what they look like.’  Because of our exposure, we as artists don’t always feel like we need to heavily reference the animals as if we were drawing something we don’t see everyday (say, like elephants or giraffes or sea cucumbers).  Our brain just kind of plugs in ‘horse shaped’ and we go with that.

And I suspect that ends up being where a lot of these common mistakes occur.  Dogs are familiar, but we can easily find a dog to draw from live, to see the way the shapes of its face are put together in 3-dimensions.  Cats, humans, birds… if we venture just a little ways outside our studios (or in some cases, inside), we can find live models to study easily.  

You can’t really do that with horses.  They’re a commodity, sequestered away behind fences on private farms and shuttered away in barns.   So few people really get the chance to be up close and have that hands-on experience to really learn how a horse is put together.

So here’s some things, based on my own experience both drawing and working with horses, that might help you if you find yourself needing to draw one for yourself.

The approach I took might be more complicated than absolutely necessary, but I tried to present the subject of ‘how to draw horses’ a little differently than I’ve seen it done before.  I hope someone finds it understandable, and more importantly, helpful!

If you share this, please don’t delete my commentary about it above. Thanks :3

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Coloring tutorial for Anon! This took about 30 minutes to make in total, but I essentially use the general principals here for most of my pieces, from painted to this cel-shaded… thing. Hope this is slightly useful!

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An okay fuck-ton of simple shoulder movement references (per request).

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How I remove white backgrounds from scans.

I can never get the other method to work that I have seen here on some tutorial blogs. So I found another way which is much more simple in my opinion. I am not sure if it will work on later versions of photoshop. I am using the cs5 version. 

Hope this helps someone!

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Anonymous asked: I wonder if you can help me drawing an umbrella? I'm sorry if it's too much >_<;; your tutorials are helpful!






us e a proper circle tool or your umbrella will be lopsided like mine LOL 

here’s a ref of umbrellas and u can find more on google YEAH!! 

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3D Swords - Sword of Ecthelion - Gatekeepers hidden city of Gondolin 

  • Maker: Horhe Soloma
  • Modeled: 3dMax2011
  • Preview image rendered using Vray 2.00.02
  • All parts and materials are logically named
  • Ready for rendering
  • *.fbx, *.obj and materials

deviantART user Horhe Soloma created this recreation of the Sword of Ecthelion using 3dMax2011. Though Tolkien did not describe any inscription on the sword, the artist has added these inscriptions on the blade: "Shine the Light! Run Night!" and "Revenge is coming." You can purchase the 3D model here.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Middle-Earth News | Horhe Soloma | 3D Export

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